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What to do if your visa is refused

If your visa is refused, it is important to get professional visa advice as soon as possible. We highly recommend you call our office and book in with one of our Migration Agents in Perth. 

Most visa applications that are made in Australia and are refused are able to be appealed. When you are notified that your visa application is refused by the Department of Home Affairs, you will be advised of your Review rights.


It is important to note that there are strict time limits for making an appeal. Time limits depend on the type of decision and whether you are in immigration detention. The time limit cannot be extended.

If you receive a decision letter to refuse your visa, call us now on (08) 6364 3782 or email us a copy of your notice and your best contact number to


You have a strict time limit to appeal

We can’t stress enough how important it is to seek professional advice before applying for a review. Depending on the type of application that has been refused, current review waiting times are nearly 18 months. It could be easier and cheaper to simply re-lodge the application with additional evidence to address the reason(s) for refusal. With that said, this sometimes isn’t possible, as an ‘Onshore’ refusal, for example, may lead to a Section 48 Bar which stops a person from making another onshore application and requires them to leave the country to lodge a subsequent visa application.

If in doubt, call us on (08) 6364 3782.


What to do if your visa is cancelled or refused

You must be of good character to visit or live in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs can cancel your visa should you fail its character test. You will not pass the character test if you meet any of the following:

  • Have a substantial criminal record;
  • Have a connection or association with an individual or group that is suspected of being involved in criminal conduct;
  • You’re not of good character with respect to your past and present criminal history; and/or
  • You are assessed as having a substantial risk of engaging in future, unacceptable conduct or criminal behaviour.

What Happens if my visa is cancelled?

If your visa is cancelled you cannot remain in Australia unless you get another type of visa and you may not be able to apply for any other visa except a protection (refugee) visa or a bridging visa. If you are sentenced to a term in prison, once you have finished your sentence, you will be removed from Australia and returned to the country of which you are a citizen. After you have been removed from Australia you may never be able to return. As such, you do have the ability to apply to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to review the decision. Similar to refusals, you have an extremely short time frame in which to appeal the decision. You have nine days (9) to make the application from the date you have been deemed to receive the application. If the decision was posted, you have seven days (7) from the date listed in the letter.

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